MSP Hack Review

Hello all,
I would like to show you my review for Moviestarplanet Hack Online across different pages and platforms. This is for all Moviestarplanet players that are annoyed getting StarCoins or Diamonds hardly or if you want to get a VIP for free with Moviestarplanet Hack! It is maybe annoying to spend a lot of time to get these valuables by using other MSP Hacks. You also don’t want to spend money on it.
I have tested 3 of Moviestarplanet Hack. You will be surprised.
Why I did this test?
I did it because I was annoyed that every Moviestarplanet Hack showed me a survey and everywhere were a modified comments or proof, so I did not know if it works or not!

Page Subject 2 Subject 3 WINNER
Survey Yes Yes Yes
Editable Yes Yes Yes
Bonus NO NO Yes
User Friendly Yes Yes Yes
Working NO NO YES
Score 15% 10% 98%

Note: every website of these tested subjects had a survey. But it is understable, when you have a service like this to give people a SC, Diamonds or VIP for free.

The criteria of choosing the MSP Booster:

It must be on the first spots on google or should be shared on social media (FB,VK,Twitter).
It must be a “online generator” so you don’t get infected your PC.
It must be NO DOWNLOAD.

Choosing of the test subjects MSP Hack tools:

1. For the first 2 tested subjects, I have simply typed “Moviestarplanet Hack” in Google’s search bar.
For the most objectivity, I have used an anonymous proxy and I have cleaned all of my Cookies to make sure that It wont be manipulated by Google’s regional ranking.
I have used Google Chrome.
First 2 results:
MSP Hack first 2 results Let’s see the MSP Hack first 2 results

And the third tested subject was chosen from Social Media: (winner tool)
I found it on the Russian Social Media VKontakte ( MSP Hack MSP Hack



Best tested tool (winner):

Found on VKontakte.
Overall Rating: Winner.

Moviestarplanet Hack Info

I’ll try to get 50k of SC and Diamonds.
Add my username. (It is blurred again..) The page looks good. There is some girl showing some messages, it looks nice. There is also a console..
I’m clicking on “Start” Button.

The process looks similiar to others..

This looks good, there are a lot of offers, which requires only your e-mail and not your phone number! I picked a one, it was easy to fill and short compared to the subject 2. I filled the survey. It redirected me to download some pdf with tips. This looks good! Atleast it does something… I got a pdf file with great tips for Moviestarplanet Game! I have visited my account, and I was a little bit shocked… I had 45.000 Starcoins and 50.000 Diamonds... I’m not sure where the 500 went… but it is still great! This is the winner! Only tool which worked for these tested subjects.
So the winner is this site.
Continue below to see the failed sites!

Second tested subject:

Ranking on position #1 on Google.

Overall Rating: Failed.
When you first visit the site, it looks like this.
First tested subject

There is a video playing if you scroll down. It is telling you have to use this site and “Hack”. There is shown a survey in this video, so atleast they do not hide it. To be honest, the video was pretty annoying and boring. There is a lot of text on the site with general crap, which looks very annoying. It is there only to the purpose of ranking. Atleast it looks good designed and there are few social sharing buttons, so it looks like it is used by real people.
To proceed to the next step, you must click on the button “Hack Now” on the left, or you need to scroll down. It is designed very well, and it looks user friendly.
The next step:


I have hidden my id, for security reasons.

I have selected 50k (50.000) Diamonds, 50k StarCoins, and 6 Months of VIP.
On the page there is some review and recent Comments. It looks legit to me.
I am pretty excited and looking forward to get my desired amount to MSP game. 🙂 😛
I am clicking on the button “Run Hack”.
It looks like it is working.
After few secs:


So I am going to fill the survey!
I filled the survey, the process was a little bit long. They required to fill my e-mail adress. I did and completed the survey. It says that it has unlocked.
I checked my Moviestarplanet Account, and I see my balance still 0.
I have waited few secs, few minutes, few hours and… wait for it… NOTHING!
So this first tested subject does not work.

Third tested subject:

Ranking on #2 on Google.
Overall Rating: Failed.

It looks again a good designed page, but the logo looks noobish. It looks like someone got template outsourced and made his own “proffesional” (Sarcasm) logo 🙂 !
I am filling my info again, 200k SC and 200k Diamonds, 6 Months VIP. My id is again hidden.
I’m clicking on Hack button…
It shows some window with connecting to your account.
Then it changes to this:

I’m clicking on “Account Connected”.
It does nothing, so I again click on hack, it is doing something!

I’m gonna click on Verify! 🙂
It shows me “Sorry, There are not any offers in your area!”

I’ll try on another PC…

Atleast there is one offer for me…
I filled it, it required phone number and it charged me…
I wait for results.
Still waiting for 2 hours, there is nothing..
So again this msp hack tool does not work.

Soon I will be covering a similiar tests for other hacking tools, I’m preparing now the review of the madden mobile 17 coins hack. We will test the several tools and similiar sites.

22 thoughts on “MSP Hack Review

  1. hey hey, this is lye, bcoz the site works like a charm, the survei wont cost u anythink


    1. Get Lost troll!! Your site is only a scam, it scams people with fake survey and it does not work! get lost with that fake site! You should be blocked!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey man, I was searching for ages for a review like this. I have found a lot of pages with fake survey, but this one is really working!


    1. Have you updated your Java? Because this MSP Booster is using a javascript.. Also make sure you are not blocking the Javascript by your browser. 🙂 I wish you the best day.


      1. I thought it is a problem with cookies.. but I did not think about that I could have blocked JavaScript, but I had! tthank you, you solved my problem sir 🙂


  3. Hello, I wan tot hank you for this great MSP Hack review. I was trapped by other tested sites, I also did surveys and it did nothing in return. But by your website, I finally found working tool! Thank you.


  4. Thank you for this awesome moviestarplanet hack review. I was filling surveys for nothing… Now I don’t have to. Finally tool that works, thanks to your awsome site!
    Regards, onyx.


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