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Some interesting info about the Moviestarplanet Game:

Children are incredibly social plus they love playing making use of their friends and remain up-to-date. This is what MovieStarPlanet is approximately. MovieStarPlanet is really a social online universe where each player is really a celebrity. MovieStarPlanet aims to deliver children aged between 8 and many years having a safe, secure and fun web platform. MovieStarPlanet cost nothing to try out, however, players will probably pay gain access to extended features and fast-track their rise to fame. It is important to make sure you ask a parent or gaurdian or guardian before you make any payment purchases on-line.
Social, Creative and Fun

MovieStarPlanet is really a safe, creative, and social online playground for the kids. The superstar characters earn Fame and StarCoins (the currency of MovieStarPlanet) when other users watch their movies. StarCoins may be used to buy costumes, animations, backdrops for movies, plus more. By playing and a lot more important friends by doing creative competitions, players progress up inside MovieStarPlanet world. Life is never boring on MovieStarPlanet – is going on playing, being social, and developing and showing your creative skills.

Safety on MovieStarPlanet

Children love MovieStarPlanet, which explains why we’re also dedicated to keeping our virtual world a secure and secure destination for a be for everyone users. To do this, we monitor the application of your website manually in addition to by automated systems. Our systems remove words we have blocked, which makes them impossible to type. Our moderators – real people – manually review all reports filed by users and look your website for offensive language.

MovieStarPlanet is specialized in being a safe and secure place for youngsters to know and like the Internet, think outside the box and meet new people. But just as inside real world, individuals do not always work as we wish. That is why we have now caused it to be straightforward for your little one to instantly report other users with just a number of clicks of your mouse.

We use a clear pair of rules that users must observe. These include keeping passwords secure and do not handing out sensitive information. Many of these rules sign up for the Internet generally, not only to MovieStarPlanet. Users who repeatedly break the principles of MovieStarPlanet will probably be locked out of your game for assorted lengths of their time with regards to the seriousness of the infringement. Alternatively, MovieStarPlanet can delete user profiles or block computer IP address.
Social Networking Features

MovieStarPlanet has numerous online community features – it truly is part game, part fantasy world. Users might make new friends and talk with other players from the boards. At MovieStarPlanet we encourage parents and guardians to speak to children about precisely how to be safe web the significance of not revealing personal data. Users cannot access the information that is personal of other players (one example is, details including age, gender, email, real name). Players can just see other usernames. It is therefore, donrrrt forget this which a player’s username really should not be, nor contain significant aspects of a person’s real name.

What would it cost?

Everyone can engage in MovieStarPlanet at no cost. Players undergo the sport by looking into making movies and playing video games which earn StarCoins. Most options that come with the action cost nothing to every one users; however, you will pay to upgrade to some VIP account giving players having access to more game features, clothes and also other items. Players could also purchase extra StarCoins by using a bank card or cellular telephone. Standard debit card practices apply and that we delete users who try to make unauthorized purchases.
Parental/Guardian Participation

MovieStarPlanet can be a fun and artistic world where every day life is never boring. But when looking at children plus the Internet, parents and guardians ought to play a dynamic role. At MovieStarPlanet, we encourage parents to sign up into their child’s online activities and ensure children find out how to safely navigate and interact online. We aim to supply a good platform, but we want aid from parents/guardians too. Please look at the MovieStarPlanet Rules that Safety Tips.

Parental Safety

MovieStarPlanet is an excellent game and community for the children to own fun, let the creativity flow and earn friends. You can read exactly about it here.

The safety in our users is our highest priority at MovieStarPlanet. You can read more to do with the way we maintain game safe here.

At MovieStarPlanet we strongly encourage parents and guardians for taking a dynamic role to advertise online safety. Please speak to your children regarding how to keep safe and the ways to behave online. We must all be vigilant when kids are online, equally we’re when in the pub. We need to make certain that they can be shielded from those who may pose a risk. Online, children might be subjected to unwanted, illegal or inappropriate content, but there are specific steps which you and also your child usually takes to prevent the potential risk of something unpleasant happening.

Discuss how a Internet will probably be utilised in the house. Make sure children realize what information and keep private (names, contact number, address, etc.). Set up some rules based on how in order to meet new people online. Given the nature on the Internet, we can’t ever make sure that is alternatively.

Explain on your child value of keeping their password safe – rather than utilizing the same password for a lot of things. The password is like a step to a residence. Inform children that a person might seek to cause them to reveal their password, often produced by promising gifts or another items, or by claiming to own certain authority (for instance doing work for MovieStarPlanet). Should your little one’s password be revealed, please alter the password immediately.

Ensure your Internet connection is safe which only your household has access to it. You are liable for what goes on on your hard drive (IP address). MovieStarPlanet provides the authority to ban your IP address, whether or not that it was a guest at your house who broke the policies.

Install anti-virus software and Parental Control functions on all computers, cellphones and game consoles as a way to block inappropriate content. No Parental Control is 100% secure, so never make use of the device to guard your little one. We do everything we could to keep your site safe, but bear in mind that perfection won’t exist online. When it comes to the protection of your little one we go out of the solution to supply a secure environment. Safety is a partnership between parents/guardians and MovieStarPlanet.

You as well as your child ought to know how to report another user on MovieStarPlanet. Reports must be made the minute the abuse/behaviour comes about. Go to the Help section for the home page to discover the method that you report another user or report inappropriate content.


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